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August 22, 2019
Celebrating International Left-handers Day
August 22, 2019

Fan mail from TheWeek’s left-handed readers

Let’s form a group

I am extremely thankful to TheWeek for the awareness article on left-handedness in TheWeek, Issue No 842. People initially were confused and didn’t understand where the first page was, in this edition printed in the reverse order. It was a small step, but created a profound understanding among right-handers on how left-handers feel and cope in the world around them.

I was told that many left-handers responded to the call to visit TheWeek’s office with a copy ofthe issue to pick up a surprise gift.

I am short of words in thanking you all for organising and executing such a sweet gesture for left-handers whose problems remain mostly unnoticed. I would like to initiate the formation of a group for left-handers in Oman. Interes-ted persons can contact me  to share views.

Dr Deepali Jaju (99898360)


Good initiative

It was a great experience visiting TheWeek’s office. As a left-hander myself, I felt this was a very good initiative by the weekly, and I enjoyed reading the articles about left-handers and other features in the special issue that was printed in the reverse order. Thank you TheWeek!

Ramona Fernandes

Loved the reverse printing

Congratulations on the innovative ‘When Left is Right’ edition of TheWeek, Issue No 842. Loved the reverse printing!

Maggie Jean


Last, but lucky

It was, indeed, a wonderful experience to be recognised for being a left-hander and I was the last, but lucky one to visit your office at the close of the offer. I have never received such importance as a left-hander before. I informed my family in India and also updated my WhatsApp status. TheWeek’s special edition was a fitting tribute to left-handers; no one has done this before. We will preserve this issue as a memento.

Meera Paras Sheth


Good to be recognised

I am a left-hander and I had the opportunity to visit your office last week with my son and niece, both of whom are left-handers, too! In fact, we have many left-handers in our family. It feels good to be recognised through such small gestures. which may mean nothing to others. We could not use the restaurant coupons as we had festive dinners at home for Eid.

Habiba Mohamed Salim al Musalmi


Need to remove negative perceptions

Being recognised by TheWeek for being a left-hander was a great experience. I enjoyed reading the articles in the reverse order and shared it with my friends, who loved it, too. This is the first time left-handers and their issues have been acknowledged in Oman. In Indian culture, many look at left-handers as odd people because they carry out tasks like writing and eating with their left hand, which is deemed unacceptable. We need to remove such negative perceptions, and initiatives such as TheWeek’s will help in doing so.

Sanjeeb Ghosh

Enjoyed reading in reverse order

Thank you for inviting left-handers to your office to mark International Left-handers’ Day. I enjoyed being recognised as a left-hander as well as reading TheWeek in a new way. I work for a water supply company but have never faced any difficulty as a left-hander. I do everything as good as others.

Basma al Hooti


Remembered my Arabic classes

Reading the cover story When Left is Right of TheWeek, Issue No 842 brought back memories of my early school days during which I took Arabic classes. The books read from right to left and when the fingers move along, it was a challenge to sit with other students who were quick in turning the pages. To me, it is quite natural as some people are familiar with it right from their birth.

Ramachandran Nair

Discovered Left-handers Day from TheWeek

It was a very good experience for us. My eight year old son, Vasudev is the first lefthander in our family and we never knew there was a day for left-handers until we read TheWeek. The reverse printing was also a very unique idea and we rushed to your office as soon as we got a copy of it. Thanks!

V Ramanujan