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Brain-O-Brain children shine at Abacus competition

Indian school chidren from the sultanate shone at a regional Abacus competition held across south of India last month. The young minds, members of Brain-O-Brain centre, won four champion trophies, twelve gold medals and four silver medals.

The contests were held in Karnataka and Kerala states of India under various levels and age-groups. More than 2500 children participated in the contests, across different cities and categories. The Champion trophy is the highest achievement and the children from Oman won it for their skill and performance, a press release said.

The children were tested for concentration, speed, accuracy and memory. They have been training regularly at the centre in Muscat.

“Every competition is not just a test of skill but an opportunity to explore your potential. These competitions at the national and international levels give children a bigger platform and better exposure at a very young age. We try and encourage our children to participate in all such events as it aids in overall development and growth of personality, too,” said Shikha Pious, senior faculty at Brain-O-Brain Ghubrah.