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Salalah Khareef Festival visitors treated to ‘Madbi’

‘Madbi’ is one of the popular food items sought from the province of Dhofar and is frequently prepared during trips to the mountains as well as the outdoors while enjoying the beautiful climate. It is also prepared on occasions and holidays. It was served at A’Saffa Grill Restaurant in Ateen plain and has a delicious flavour as well as high nutritional value.

Esam Omar Majid al Shanfari, owner of A’Saffa Grill Restaurant in Salalah, said, “We are happy to participate in the Khareef Festival again, as it is our 14th year here. We offer A’Saffa chicken in our various meals since the beginning of the establishment of the restaurant and we are proud to add a wonderful atmosphere for visitors and give them a unique experience. It is an opportunity to communicate directly with all our valued customers, know their opinions and take their feedback into consideration in an effort to provide them with all that is new and innovative.”

The ‘Madbi’ of A’Saffa chicken has a large presence of visitors to the Salalah Tourism Festival because of its great taste and high quality, as well as the confidence of visitors and fans of Omani meals.