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August 29, 2019
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Hopping around with Hopibi

Look beyond the bigger picture

It was a warm afternoon and the ebbing tide of the placid Arabian Sea seemed to reveal arcs of unevenly layered rocks as it withdrew itself. I was at Muttrah corniche, taking a stroll towards the little patch of sand at Kalbooh beach when a couple of early evening joggers along the seafront forced me to run for cover among the rocks.

As the joggers trotted by, I tried to emerge out of the rocks when I suddenly noticed my hind limb was inside a paper cup, soaked in the remaining two sips of cold black coffee. I tried to hop out of it but the twine of a used tea-bag got entangled amid my toes. It was quite a struggle to break free after a few minutes of wriggling around that resembled a new form of krumping.

I hopped onto the warm rocks that bound the seafront with a beautiful scene of cool blue water and a stunning landscape before me. But as I looked around, I noticed, that between the crevices of the rocks lay litter of varied kinds conveniently chucked by unscrupulous beach goers. And I wouldn’t blame them fully for no trash bins were visible in the vicinity.

There were empty water bottles, disposable plates and cups, empty cigarette packets, chips pouches, juice boxes, plastic bags, fishing nets, remnants of barbecue parties and what not. If anyone clicked a panoramic photo, it would present a beautiful picture but if one zoomed into the details, it could churn a rhino’s guts.

Just as it is important for one to read the fine print in any important document, so also is it worthwhile for any shutterbug to zoom into the details while clicking what would appear a masterpiece. But then, most are satisfied with the bigger picture.

In this case, it could either be the sheer careless attitude of beach goers who prefer tossing their trash beyond the shoreline instead of walking upto the nearest bin or the brazen dereliction of duty of the local sweepers who sweep off the trash into the rocks instead of taking effort to pick it up. It’s time for everyone to wake up and smell the coffee, quite literally!

Have you noticed any such ugly scenes anywhere in Oman which present a shabby picture to people living there? Let me know and I’ll hop around to bring it to light. We do need to get bitter about litter. Right away!