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Seeb beach – a litterer’s haven

Seeb beach gets littered every day by fishermen and beach goers

Unlike other beaches in Muscat which intermittently wear a shabby look, Seeb beach is known to be some sort of ‘litterer’s haven’ as it is always found to be in a shabby state.

Morning/evening strollers and joggers have been constantly complaining of the sorry state of affairs at this beach, yet the civic authorities do not seem to be responding to spruce up this beach. In fact, few residents have formed organisations like Move Green to regularly clean up the beach while other individuals do so in their own capacity whenever they visit the beach.

Over the last weekend, TheWeek visited the beach to see the sorry state of affairs and found litter lying all over the place. While people have been leaving behind bags of trash after beach parties every day, since there are no trash bins around the place, the rocky face of the beach is strewn with litter that apparently hasn’t been cleared for months on end.

Hamdoon Sultan, a resident of Seeb who frequently visits the beach for daily exercise, says he has been picking up trash from small stretches whenever he can as well as encouraging others to carry their trash along after their trip. While some people respond, others seem to care less and simply walk away as if it is not their responsibility, he noted.

“People who visit Seeb beach do not seem to have any responsibility towards the environment. Trash bins have ben provided but they do not wish to carry their trash to the bins,” he pointed out, adding that the civic authorities need t deploy staff, especially during the evening hours when maximum littering takes place.

Also, residents of Seeb who are willing need to be authorised by civic authorities as volunteers so that they could approach those who litter in a polite way and request them to carry their litter along. Since some people get offended, some sort of empowerment to responsible citizens is needed, he said.

Another bigger issue at Seeb beach is the careless attitude of fishermen, Hamdoon said, pointing out that the fishermen dump stuff not only on the beach but also in the sea when they go out fishing as there is no one to monitor their movement.

“The fishermen have shacks on the beach to carry out their fishing-related activity. These need to be registered and the vicinity of each shack should be kept clean by themselves. If any trash is seen around these shacks, it should be the responsibility of the registered fisherman, who should be fined for the same,” Hamdoon suggested. It may be observed that in addition to regular trash, the beach is also littered with torn/abandoned nets, car tyres (which are used as buoys on boats), fishing accessories, and other items used by fishermen.

Hamdoon calls on beach goers to behave more responsibly on Seeb beach by carrying away their litter as well as requesting errant visitors to join in keeping the beach clean in everyone’s interest.

Fahad al Saqri, a resident of Al Khoudh who also frequents Seeb beach, added that the menace of litter at this beach is quite serious and something needs to be done soon. However, he said, it is not just the responsibility of the civic authorities, the community needs to join in the effort to educate people and spread awareness towards conserving the environment.

The task at Seeb beach is not just Herculean, it also needs an indomitable spirit.

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