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September 12, 2019
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September 12, 2019

ISM students clean up Wudam beach

Students of Indian School Muladha (ISM) who are part of a youth movement – Young Communitarian of Indian Schools in Oman (YCIS) – actively took part in a two hour long morning beach cleaning activity along with the staff of Wudam Municipality ear-lier this week.

A team of 33 members comprising students and teachers undertook this activity to show their commitment and responsibility towards keeping the environment neat and clean. They came wearing a black top and blue jeans as decided upon by the YCIS team in the meetings held before.

The officials from Wudam Municipality gave the participants an idea about how to go about with the whole activity and grouped students into teams of five and six members with each group being given sufficient number of gloves and gunny sacks to use while at work.

Within a few minutes, the members were able to fill 10 to 15 sacks with more to follow. Without faltering in the scorching heat of the Sun, the children worked relentlessly for a considerable amount of time showing great team dynamics and unity. Arriving around 6.30am, the students made the beach look cleaner than before by 8.15am and the participants were asked to wind up the activity after that.

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