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September 26, 2019
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September 29, 2019

Don’t burn agricultural waste: Muscat Municipality

Muscat Municipality (MM) has issued a directive to the public to adopt environment-friendly methods for disposing off agricultural waste in the city instead of burning waste as an easy solution which reduces soil fertility and ultima-tely affects the quality of agricultural produce.

A per an administrative decision (55/2017) on violations of Muscat Municipality, throwing out rubble, trees and pruned branches  and the remains of furniture and large appliances next to trash containers is a violation by law and offenders can be fined an amount of  RO50. In case the violation is repeated, the amount gets doubled.

A statement issued by Muscat Municipality says residues of various types impose serious risks to public health as such pollution contributes to reproduction of bacteria, germs, viruses and rodents, leading to a higher possibility of disease outbreaks, reduction of soil fertility or emission of fossils fuels. People burn agricultural waste as a quick way of getting rid of it, despite the negative effects it could cause, it noted.

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