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February 15, 2018
April 11, 2019

Fun and funky

Jewellery designer Luis Morais, renowned internationally for creating luxury jewellery with a casual vibe, was in Muscat last week to showcase a range of his exclusive work at Eye Candy boutique at the Opera Galleria.

Morais, who offers a unique duality in his designs, creates a rare balance between a playful, light-hearted spirit and a darker, wilder side in every piece he creates. He also believes that his handcrafted pieces not only have unique creativity but also a fun element that instantly uplifts the mood of the wearer.

From bangles and bracelets, chains and necklaces, to broaches, pendants and rings created with beads, precious stones, gold and silver, Morais has a collection to suit varied trends every season. He also creates bespoke designs for customers who want more exclusivity in whatever they wear.

“What makes my designs different is the fact that they are not gender specific. Many elements go into each creation, like spirituality, the materials we use, as well as the creative output and the mood it reflects,” said Morais, adding that he became more popular as the one who provides designs for men, rather than only women, since there is an equal demand in the market for both.

About the specific choices of Arab buyers, Morais said, “My jewellery is fun jewellery, you can wear it all the time. And that’s what makes it popular across different cultures.” He, however, pointed out that Arab preferences, too, are changing these days and many have started using creations in yellow gold as well as various precious stones.