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June 24, 2019
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Super special superfast

This Ferrari super GT has a mighty engine – V12, 6.5ltr, 789 bhp, 718 Nm of Torque – all naturally aspirated. Outstanding figures for a non forced induction engine. The fact that is only has to contemplate with 1.6tonnes means this car is superfast!

A simple prod of the accelerator pedal and you are instantly introduced to its growling exhaust. You get the feeling that this car is a chained animal waiting for an opportunity to leap. A healthy amount of respect must be given to this car when piloting its wheels. It may drive quite civilised on the public roads but there is always an underling feeling that this car is only going to be happy when it is let loose from its leash. Only the brave can accomplish such a feat and it is better done on a closed off racing circuit. We did, however, dare to sample a few fleeting moments of utter exhilaration and intimidation.

This is a beautiful looking Ferrari and it does look like a Grand Tourer. All Ferraris are easily recognisable and this 812 Superfast does look that little bit more special. Very long sculptured bonnet and a gapping front air dam for the huge V12, muscular side profile seamlessly blends into the elegant rear with a neatly designed rear diffuser. All the necessary aerodynamic tech is being implemented to shape the 812 to keep it well planted to the road.

This Superfast is crammed with the latest and most advanced tech to come out of Maranello.
Power steering is electrical and has the ability to have direct communication to the traction control and stability system to finely tune and adjust the steering torque levels when taking corners. When it is all linked to the 812s all new four wheel steering system this Ferrari GT has lightning quick steering and manuvoures like a big go kart. Yet it is quite calm and very stable during highway driving.

The driving position is very low, the steering wheel is perfectly placed for quick input, visibility is also very good but you do have to get used to that long bonnet. Having all the instruments and dials at your finger tips are very useful and shows how driver orientated this car is. It is luxurious in a bar minimum sporty feel, with very nice feeling materials. Air conditioning vents are awesome and cool looking and chills the interior very effectively. No central infotainment systems here, instead, a gorgeous central rev counter and all relevant info is shown in the twin screens that flank it.

The 789 bhp is cleverly transferred through a super quick and super smooth 7 speed dual clutch transmission towards the rear wheels. It is astounding how much power the rear wheels can cope with, traction control does a brilliant job of planting most of the engines power to the road. And with a very fast steering makes you feel very involved at all times. It does catch you out initially as you are just not accustomed to such quick response that you may over react to the cars reflexes. Too much input is coming at you and readjusting to the cars parameters will take some reprogramming of the brain. Suspensions are understandably firm and do extremely well to deliver amazing body control.

Mere mortals beware this is a scarily fast car that handles super well. For good measure, brakes are the same carbon ceramic type used on the LaFerrari (which says a lot!).

The V12 is intoxicating, low revs can easily turn to spine tingling and addictive at higher and higher revs. This engine easily revs and feels very light, very willing to present the vast power band at its disposal. Naturally aspirated sounds just amazing, it does intimidate and excites the senses all the time. The combination of its vast reach in power, noise and response makes this Ferrari super special. This Superfast will deeply impact all those who have been privileged to sample its greatness.

Technical Specifications


Type                                       V12

Overall displacement              6496 cc

Max. power output                789bhp at 8,500 rpm

Max. torque                         718 Nm at 7,000 rpm

Compression ratio                 13.64:1

Kerb weight                          1,630 kg

Weight distribution               47% front – 53% rear


Max. speed                             340 km/h

0-100 km/h                            2.9 sec

0-200 km/h                            7.9 sec

Fuel consumption     

Fuel consumption                14.9 l/100 km

Emissions                            340g CO2/km