May 23, 2019
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May 23, 2019

My style

Designer Maiyasa al Noufly speaks about the thoughts that go behind her Ramadan and Eid creations

The holy month of Ramadan is a time of spiritual practice and self-reflection for Muslims. It is a month that builds patience and self-discipline. And of course, it is also a  month that brings together members of the entire family to spend time with one another.

Each year Ramadan is getting more interesting because of two elements: theme decoration and fashion. Therefore, this month is just not about certain delicacies, but also about the overall vibe.  For example, the time of iftar highlights decor; the same can be said for fashion. Women now care more about how they appear in gatherings than before. During Ramadan women and girls mostly choose dresses that are modest, comfortable and conservative, yet stylish.

For Eid, on the other hand, the case is totally different for some. As an Omani designer with a large clientele, I have noticed that Omani women prefer their Eid dresses to stand out among the crowd with focus on different kinds of embellishments, and colourful choices be it in casual chic or a kaftan/ jalabiya style dress. Even a simple dress must have a ‘wow’ factor.

Therefore, as a designer I try to bring out these in my designs by offering:

1. A different style or a twist on the cuts of the dress.

2. In-house unique style embellishment handwork.

3. Casual chic and kaftan (simple, medium and heavy handwork style) for all tastes.

4. Colour options.

I always make sure that I offer something that is unique and not easily available in the market. Women must know that since the piece that they are wearing has been created by a designer, it has thought, taste, creativity and attention to detail behind it.  I believe that my hobby of playing the piano and me also being a fine artist reflect on how I approach each dress so that it exudes creativity, confidence and style.

Being presented several fashion awards and being chosen by international designers for best fashion sketches has made me be more creative towards my designs. My love for fashion also saw my participation in the Arabic version of an international show, ‘Fashionstar Arabia’ which was aired on Dubai TV and Dubai One. These encouragements have pushed me to go miles ahead towards success. Being a designer in a fast-changing world of fashion makes me eager to learn more. And, as an Arab Muslim designer in particular, Ramadan is the month when I learn the most about women in the Gulf and cope up with different tastes, choices and trends.