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June 26, 2019
June 26, 2019

Get well soon, we love you

The paediatric oncology ward  in Royal Hospital had a celebratory atmosphere last Monday as the little patients there were in for a big surprise that took away some of their agony and boredom.

The family of Dalya Hassan, residents of Muscat, organised a morning of  entertainment for the children in the ward to bring on smiles and renewed hope to all of them as well as their family members. Dalya, a 13 year old student, who has grasped the essence of charity at a tender age, has been inspired by her family wherein charitable works is a way of life. And, the fact that they lost Dalya’s uncle to cancer, two years ago, has been a key motivator for all of them.

Dalya’s mother Zahara al Sharji, father Hassan al Touqi, aunt Rahma al Sharji and the rest of her cousins put their minds together to organise this event for the brave little children battling cancer. They wanted to bring laughter, entertainment and encouragement for the little children.

After presenting bouquet of flowers to the nurses, Dalya and her family visited children ranging from as young as 6 months to 11 year olds at their bedside gifting them toys and words of encouragement. They were then treated to an entertainment show that included a tricks by a magician, ventriloquism, dances and popular cartoon characters that played with them.

The key message to all was – Get well soon, we love you!