August 1, 2019
Chevrolet introduces mid-engine Corvette
August 1, 2019

Apex Media is Bitter About Litter in the sultanate

Despite the obvious and devastating environmental consequences of irresponsible waste disposal, the very presence of litter in Oman is in stark contrast to the rich natural beauty of the country. The impact is felt not only by people who live here, but the millions of annual visitors to the country.

As the publisher of Oman’s biggest selling daily newspaper Muscat Daily, together with the theweek newspaper, and our rapdily growing, highly engaged and environmentally conscious followers on social media channels and our websites, the potential to mobilise our readers and followers to create action for positive change is considerable.

Over the coming months across our multi-media portfolio, we will raise awareness of the blight of litter in our country, appealing to all members of society to engage with Apex Media and join our campaign. We will also collaborate and support organisations that are already active in environmental preservation and development in Oman so that we may amplify their actions, successes and ambitions.

Critically, we aim to support the government and focus the nation’s attention on the eradication of litter in the sultanate.

Mark Rix, CEO


Hopping around with  Hopibi

A fortnight ago, as I crouched between two rocks along the seafront of Qurm beach, waiting for a few juicy weeds to be washed ashore, I noticed something that knocked me off balance instantly.

Concealed though I was, a few naughty kids noticed me slip from my sandy throne and they went giggling by. But I was in no mood to take them on for their childish mirth as the sight I beheld left me spellbound. In fact, I also saw morning joggers stop short in their tracks as they took in the rare phenomenon that left a vast stretch of the beach glistening under the warm sunlight, accompanied by marine aromas that weren’t all that pleasing.

Thousands and thousands of silvery sardines lay washed ashore in abstract patterns, rendering the sands as a vast canvas as far as the eye could go. Some of the fish were seen popping up and down on the sand in much the same way as you see the keys of a piano rhythmically dance while someone plays the chords. This was, however, quite a dismal chord.

The sight was something to see, indeed! And though it was apparently caused by a red tide (which often tosses tonnes of asphyxiated fish ashore), it also brought to mind the fact that marine organisms off Muscat’s shores do not quite get a good deal from the two-legged bullies living off the coast. I have often seen fish strangulated to death when caught in trash which people regularly chuck into the waves without having a conscience.

Boy, I’m Bitter About Litter and we need to do something drastically to stop people littering the sands and letting the waves drag it into the ocean, leaving behind a contaminated habitat for fish and other marine organisms. We need to keep our beaches clean and thereby contribute to livening up the environment for everyone. After all, the sea/sands belong to everyone, those who croak as well as those who don’t.

Guys, we don’t need no cola nor popcorn…and surely not the cans and pouches that you keep tossing over your boats. If you must, give us a ear.

Come, join me as we get croaking  (Oops!) cracking in Muscat, to make it a cleaner, brighter, beautiful city. Join the ‘Bitter About Litter’ campaign, my first outing in town, and  lets make a difference!