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August 22, 2019
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August 27, 2019

Infiniti QX60 offers Back-up Collision Intervention System

Further proving Infiniti’s innovation and concern for the safety of drivers, Infiniti QX60, the seven-passenger SUV, offers Back-up Collision Intervention System (BCI).  The BCI system is designed to help prevent accidents while reversing up the vehicle. It involves a range of sensors in crucial locations, which are able to detect both moving objects, such as crossing traffic or incoming vehicles, and larger stationary objects, a press release said.

A senior spokesperson at Infiniti Oman said, “Infiniti QX60 is about safety at the core of technology. With the BCI system, drivers can reverse with confidence and avoid collisions. The system has a range of indicators in place to ensure that drivers are aware of potential collisions while backing up, and it is designed so that a driver will use three of their senses when receiving these warnings: Sight, hearing, and touch. When the vehicle is still approaching and a driver still has sufficient time to react, they will hear a brief audio alert and see a flashing light in the vehicle to indicate its approach.”