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October 3, 2019
The hills are alive…with hazardous litter
October 3, 2019

Hello, you’ve forgotten your stuff

I love going to Muttrah corniche because I find the Arabian Sea quite endearing. While the legendary Sindbad, the sailor, described one of his many adventures on the Arabian Sea, they say, all the treasures of the ancient world were borne across the warm waters that stretch from the Arabian peninsula to the shores of India.

I remember my grandfather telling me that, since the beginning of civilisation, man has used the Arabian Sea as a trading route to secure the wealth of the world and that the first ever sea-trading route passed through this sea. Ships traversed along the coasts to southern Arabia and India, exchanging copper ore from Oman, teakwood from India and incense from Arabia in exchange for commodities like wheat, cheese and barley, making it a global centre of commerce.

But who cares! Look how people treat the very shores which once opened up and welcomed people from all over the world. The other day, while strolling across the seafront, I noticed garbage littered all over the place, a large portion of which was carried by the breeze into the Arabian Sea. It looked as if people were now trading disposables and harmful plastics in exchange for marine resources.

Scores of leisure anglers can be seen lining the ramps that exist at the beginning of corniche, carrying along bait and other accessories in small polythene bags. They spend an hour or two trying to get a decent catch and then leave behind everything else, except the few fish that the haul in, without even realising that they are leaving the place in a shabby condition.

And to add to this, evening strollers, too, add their contribution of cola cans, empty pouches of chips, plastic water bottles, cigarette butts, et al. Many also directly throw things in the waves as if it is some sort of sport. I wish I could toss these miscreants into the waves in the same way.

Muttrah corniche is a tour-ists’ haven and we need to keep it clean and tidy. It’s time to stop the litterbugs and tell them that they’ve left their stuff behind.

Guys, let’s play a game. Each time you see someone leave behind his/her trash in a public place, just tell them:

‘Hello, hello! There’s something you must know

This city will shine brighter

If you care a little more’

I’m sure, they’ll get the hint and take their trash along. But if they don’t, don’t worry, at least the message would’ve gone through.