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October 10, 2019
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October 17, 2019

Hopping around with Hopibi

The other day I had been to Seeb beach. I had heard a lot about this beach – about its beauty as well as the careless attitude of people who regularly visit this beach to tarnish its image.

Perched on the side of a fishing boat, I spent a few hours watching what was going on. On one hand, youth were seen enjoying a game of football and, on the other, strollers kept arriving for their evening constitutional. Everyone seemed to be busy with their own thing with scarce regard for the beach.

As I hopped around, I found litter everywhere, some of which was also hazardous to those who use the beach. Apart from disposables, there was broken glass bottles and stuff like that which could harm those walking bare feet to enjoy the feel of the sand tickling their soles.

For a few moments, considering the garbage around, I wondered whether the beach was being used as a dumping ground. Discarded car tyres lay around, perhaps after being used by truant kids as buoys in the waves. There was also an empty suitcase on the sand and I wondered if it was washed ashore with a a fortune concealed within.

At one end was a board warning that vehicles and dogs were not allowed on the beach. However, close to the board itself, a couple of vehicles could be seen on the sand and those driving them did so with scant regard for the warning.

People say, this is one of the shabbiest beaches in Muscat and the people who frequent this beach comprise a large section of those who do not care for the environment. They leave their trash on the beach thinking that fish and other marine life would swim ashore for a quick bite and a sun bath.

I know that fishermen regularly catch kingfish, tuna, barracuda, mackerel, sardines, and a variety of other fish from the waters off Muscat. But, I wonder of any of these would care for a bite of left over morsels of Kentucky Fried Chicken or a few sips of Mountain Dew that courteous beach goers leave behind on the sands for them. We need to remember that fish know how to feed themselves, they don’t need no trash!

Little wonder that occasionally a whale gets washed ashore here. So, if you cut open its belly, I’m sure, one would find hundreds of cola cans and several kilogrammes of plastic bags and other hazardous waste lodged within.

They say, whales mostly die due to collisions with ships or entanglement with fishing gear. I’d say, the whales off Oman surely die of ulcerative ‘colaitis’ with so many cola cans in their bellies.