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November 21, 2019
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November 21, 2019

Hopping around with Hopibi: Don’t wait for Superman

Last week, I was at the Muscat International Airport. And if the drive to the airport had its ups and downs, with sights of trash strewn along some of the sidewalks and parking lots, the same could be noticed even inside the airport premises.

Somehow, many people in Muscat seem to think that once they’ve downed a can of cola or a pouch of chips, the empty can/pouch can be dumped almost anywhere… and that some local superman would swoop down and clear it a s soon as they leave. And guess what, they are right! Only, the supermen in Muscat don humble uniforms with fluorescent strips on them instead of bodysuits with capes attached.

And none of them look like George Reeves or David Wilson, though they do flash the same nonchalant look whenever they spot an abandoned can and rush to the spot to save the planet from its impending doom! Old habits die hard. And, if people in Muscat behave so irresponsibly on land and on water (in the deep sea, I mean), they also exhibit the same in air.

Just check out how they litter the spot around their seats on an aircraft (as seen in this photo on a flight to Malaysia last week) and simply walk away when it’s time to alight. For such people, airlines need to offer free air-diving experiences on every flight – in economy, business and first class. I’d be happy to hold the door open for these guys.