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November 21, 2019
November 28, 2019

First Oman Twins Gathering to mark 49th National Day fanfare

Mohammed al Baloshi with his twin daughters Sara and Fatima

By Hubert VAz

Over 3,000 sets of twins will converge at the Oman Automobiles Association (OAA) grounds on November 22 and 23 to mark the first Oman Twins Gathering.

Disclosing this to TheWeek, Mohammed al Baloshi, the key organiser and CEO of an event management firm, said the gathering has been planned to coincide with the week-long 49th National Day celebrations.

Over its two days, the gathering will see numerous activities involving twins and their family members. All are welcome to witness it at the OAA grounds, added Baloshi, who himself is father to three year old twin daughters.

“I was inspired to organise this event, which is in line with similar celebrations held across the world every year,” he said, adding that while the International Day of Twins is marked in the first week of August, several factors led to the decision of hosting a similar event for Oman in November.

Firstly, August is usually vacation time and Oman’s weather during this month is too hot to hold outdoor activities. Secondly, the weather gets pleasant in November and choosing this month allowed it to be aligned with the National Day celebrations.

The gathering’s highlight will be a 500m march past by sets of twins. This will be an opportunity for people to see the twins and be amazed by their striking resemblance.

There will be a series of activities held on the sidelines, like a talent contest, games, medical awareness, food festival etc. International bloggers have been invited to publicise the event on social media.

Baloshi said that more than 3,000 sets of twins have registered for the event so far; 95 per cent of whom are Omanis. The remaining five per cent constitute twins from 18 expatriate communities residing in Oman.

The release of 49 doves, symbolising Oman’s 49th National Day, will herald the celebrations, following by the march by twins dressed in national attire and accompanied by the military band.

A team from the ROP and Boy Scouts will be deployed to maintain order. According to Baloshi, the gathering will give twins and their families a chance to connect and interact with other sets and parents, and share experiences.

There will be discussions on raising twins, understanding their personality differences, exchange of tips and success stories.

“Every year such gatherings are held across the world, especially in the US. I realised that Oman was missing out on them. It is a fact that twins attract a lot of attention wherever they go and I have noticed this with my own daughters,” Mohammed said, adding that the success of this event will motivate his organisation to make it an annual feature.

Baloshi has invited all citizens and residents to participate in and enjoy the event. Registrations for twins are still open (Phone number 98880073).

Twins born on November 18 and July 23 will be felicitated at the event while gifts and special offers will be given to every participant.