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December 5, 2019
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Around 32 artists of various genres have come together for Oman’s third affordable art show

Hubert Vaz

Oman now joins the league of nations worldwide where affordable art is fast becoming commonplace as more and more people in the sultanate find the need to dress up their drawing rooms with art that is simple yet attractive and, more importantly, affordable.

The third affordable art show – Art 19 Oman – will be held at Al Bahja Hall, Qurm, on December 5 and 6, giving art lovers in the sultanate an opportunity to not just buy reasonably priced artworks but also participate in art workshops on the sidelines of this much-awaited, two-day event.

Rebeca Nigrinis

It is a very difficult question because, usually, artists never get paid for allthe actual effort. Every piece involves many hours of work, trials anderrors as well as material costs. In my perspective, I try to calculate theprice according to the size, complexity, hours of work and material used.

But artists usually paint for passion and joy, sales are an added reward.

Madny al Bakry

Affordable art is affordable.

But determining the value of a painting depends on the success of the artist. Usually, the curators and galleries determine the price since they are the marketing bodies in the art field. Appraisal of art requires originality, creativity, provocation and, most of all, a wow factor which can merit any price.


Tahira Fida

The rules of this show say that nothing should be priced over RO150 but the word affordable is debatable because it can have different meanings for different people. Having said that, I feel, RO150 for an original piece of art is affordable considering the high cost of living in Oman. In general, prices of paintings or artworks are usually determined by the size of the piece and the effort put in.

Hafsa al Tamimi

“I don’t know what exactly determines the price of any artwork but I believe that one should start with the least price and once one’s CV gets stronger, by way of exhibiting in art galleries, museums and high-end spaces, one can decide to increase the price suitably.

Naila al Mamari

Affordable art is a method of broadening the understanding of the culture of original paintings of fine art into the society. The maximum price of any painting or artwork is set as a condition by the organisers of affordable art shows so that artists can produce works in sizes to suit the prices. It gives art lovers a chance to collect original works at reasonable costs.