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December 13, 2019
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December 16, 2019

Hopping around with Hopibi: A whale of a task

The dead sperm whale washed ashore off the Isle of Harris, in Scotland

Guys, if you are keen on keeping the planet exclusively to yourselves, you soon will succeed in getting rid of marine life, birds, flora and fauna, and living on a terrain that is replete with concrete and devoid of life, other than humans. This is no joke – at the rate at which total disregard for the environment is being practised, soon there will be no environment left, you bet!

Last week, I read that a dead sperm whale had been washed ashore on the Isle of Harris, Scotland, with a 100kg ball of rubbish tucked within its stomach. When veterinarians conducted a necropsy on the carcass of the whale they found bundles of rope, plastic cups, bags, gloves and fishing nets, besides many other items, inside its stomach, possibly the key cause of its death.

While people looked upon this dead whale as a symbol of the extent of marine pollution the world over, it also served as an eye-opener for those who use the oceans and beaches as a dumping ground.

The trash discarded by fishermen in the sea as well as careless revellers on beaches doesn’t disappear into thin air, it gets eaten unsuspectingly by marine life who some day turn in with a message for all. And, don’t feel distanced from this incident, thinking it happened far away in Scotland; it also happens quite frequently off Oman’s shores.

Dead whales and turtles have been washed ashore in Muscat and elsewhere in Oman over the years, and often a lot of trash is found in their bellies, though people don’t stop to take note of it. Just look at what lies on Oman’s beaches, as seen in this photo – discarded fishing nets and disposables – which can easily get trapped in the stomachs of marine life which are so very important to maintain the lifecycle on the planet. If this is what we are feeding the oceans, if wouldn’t be shocking to soon find our waters devoid of marine life.

Guys, it’s a whale of a task for all of us but action must start right now. Each time you open a can of cola or a pouch of chips on the beach, before you take a swig or a bite, decide what you intend doing with the empty can or the plastic pouch once done.

If you carry it to the nearest bin, you would be among the few environment conscious individuals among the 7.7bn world population. If you do dump it on the sand, be sure that you would be among the masses hated by the 1.6mn marine species on earth. Choose the right stance.