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Redefining hospitality

The recently opened Majan Lounge in Muscat International Airport sets new benchmarks

Aviation hospitality and hospitality per se in Oman is being redefined with Majan Lounge, Muscat International Airport’s newest feature. Opened on November 14, the independent airport lounge on the seventh floor of the airport is billed to be an icon of the premium quality services provided by Oman Aviation Services.

Owned and operated by Oman Ground Handling – one of five subsidiaries that make up Oman Aviation Services – the lounge is a luxury offering that will set the standard of services to be expected of the latter, noted Naif Ali al Abri, executive director of Oman Ground Handling.

“Majan Lounge is a premium service that lifts the service quality of Oman Ground Handling and Oman Aviation Services as a whole,” Abri said.

Spread over a sprawling 1,078sq m, the lounge will have a seating capacity of 308 and be accessible via an escalator from the fifth floor and a lift in the departures terminal.

Access to Majan Lounge will be granted to three categories of customers. “Airline customers including business class passengers, first class passengers, frequent flyers, commercially important passengers, very important passengers and others within the high category who airlines wish to provide access to the lounge comprise the first category. We will offer exclusive free access to these passengers under an agreement we have with the airlines,” said Abri.

The second category of passengers allowed access to the lounge are corporate customers, including high-end bank card holders who are offered free entry to Majan as a complimentary offering, through agreements inked between corporate companies and Oman Ground Handling.

To make the lounge accessible to more passengers, there is provision for walk-ins. “This is for passengers who have regular bank cards and travelling in economy, so not eligible to complimentary lounge access, but willing to pay for the lounge service. So take the scenario where you are in the airport with your family and don’t want to wander around. You’ve heard about the lounge and want to go there, relax, have a meal before you board… You can go to the lounge, pay, use the facility and when it’s time for you to board the plane, you can leave,” Abri explained.

Access to Majan Lounge for walk-ins comes for a fee of RO16 per head for three hours. Children under two years, categorised as infants in the travel and tourism industry, enter for free.

The lounge is designed to the theme and concept of Oman’s famed valleys and rocky mountains. The unique geographical lines of the sultanate’s mountains have been incorporated in every design element of Majan, the Aramaic word for copper. But Oman’s ancient name of The Land of Copper inspired more than just the name for the lounge. The branding and design brief goes deeper and is evident in the lounge’s subtle sophistication. Shades of green and blue – colours of the mineral found in nature in oxidised state – are seen in the cutlery, furnishing, upholstery and more. A fountain in the lounge complements the design theme revolving around valleys.

The international set menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, catered by Oman Aviation Catering – another subsidiary of Oman Aviation Services – rotates every ten days.

Overlooking aircrafts in the runway, taxiway and the ATC tower in the westend pier of the airport, Majan also has a business centre equipped with laptops, a printer and WiFi.

According to Jamal Nasser al Hadi, senior manager of corporate communication and media at Oman Aviation Services, Majan Lounge gives passengers travelling through Muscat International Airport a ‘different’ experience. “This lounge raises the benchmark. Once you have experienced the luxury and sophistication of Majan, you will know what to expect from any service provided by Oman Aviation Services,” he said.