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The Eggspress Café opens new branch in Nujum al Amerat Mall, Amerat

Egg-based café The Eggspress Café opened its second branch in Nujum al Amerat Mall, Amerat, recently. Popular Omani singer Ali al Lawati opened the café in the presence of several fans, bloggers, frie-nds and family, a press release said. Located in the food court of the mall on the first floor, The Eggspress Café is ready to serve its signature recipes – egg-based dishes and other unique and popular meals.

The first branch of The Eggspress Café opened in December 2018 in Ghubra and has seen extraordinary success within a year. Its egg-based dishes have secret recipes. The café also serves Keto dishes and Arabic meals. The Keto meals can be purchased as a monthly package.

For the health conscious, there are a variety of salads, while those with a sweet tooth will be spoilt for choice.

Adiraja Biju, owner of the café, said, “We are delighted to open our second branch at the new Nujum al Amerat Mall. The Eggspress Café has gained so much love over the past year that we wanted to bring the goodness of eggs and our exceptional service and offering to the people of Amerat.

“The idea behind The Eggs-press Café popped when my wife Seeniya and I were travelling and as food and egg lovers, we visited many egg-themed restaurants and cafes in various countries. We love eggs and we wanted to bring this concept to Oman. That is how The Eggspress Café was born.”