January 15, 2020
Trash with the tide
January 15, 2020

Art true to experience

Sudipta Choudhry tries to interpret her experiences through the strokes of a paintbrush

For Sudipta Choudhry, an Indian artist and long time resident of Muscat, art has been a way of life for several years. But the last two years have been momentous for her having bagged three prestigious international awards.

In June 2018, she won recognition during the Basel Art Week, Switzerland, for her paintings at the Grand Hotel Euler in Basel, followed by the famous Caravaggio Prize in Milan in November 2018 at the Litta Palace. In February 2019, she was awarded the Boticelli Prize at the Palazzo Borghese in Florence. Prior to these, she had won an award in Venice at the Palazzo Correr.

Sudipta, popularly known as Bubbly, has exhibited her work in several major cities and art hubs around the world, including Berlin, Dubai, London, New Delhi, New York, Paris and Shanghai, besides Muscat. These were all curated shows.

Sudipta believes an artist has to be true to her experiences and the thoughts that come from these, and attributes her achievements to her stay and studio in Muscat.

Her style is along the lines of abstract expressionism, and she loves the vibrant colours that the sunrise and sunset project on the hills of Oman. “The desert light is so clear and powerful,” Bubbly noted. “I love to see this light in all the colours of the spectrum, and paint on my canvas, free flowing or softly shaped, communicating a personal and powerful thought.

“I have attempted interpreting the nuances of my experiences through the strokes of a paintbrush. My paintings are an effort to understand fluid mental journeys, both anguished and lyrical, which emerge from a constant flux within myself. This flux stems from a sense of search beyond the boundaries of my surroundings, an individualistic absorption of the culture and the singularities of the Sultanate of Oman,” she said describing her artistic process in words befitting of a wordsmith.

She described her artistic purpose as one to change actual experiences into fluid, mental and spiritual journeys. “In this metaphoric solitude, I hope I find a universal human balance among all fellow men,” she said.