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January 15, 2020
January 16, 2020

Trash with the tide

It is a known fact that high tides bring onto shores all the trash dumped by humans on beaches as well as in the high seas. It is nature’s way of letting people view the ugly produce of their own negligence along vast stretches of sand on beaches.

Tomorrow, the first lunar eclipse of the year will take place. And lunar eclipses are always accompanied by high tides. So, tonnes of trash dumped by careless citizens and residents on beaches, which gets dragged into the sea by the ebbing tide everyday, will be once again thrown onto our shores.

If the waves bring in seaweeds and other marine refuse, then it is understandable. But if they bring plastic bags, broken nets, rubber tyres, plastic bottles and other disposables, then it points accusing fingers at humankind. And people residing by the sea are responsible for what is washed ashore each day.

NASA says there is no evidence that supports the idea that lunar eclipses have a physical effect on people. However, it does admit that eclipses can produce profound psychological effects because of the beliefs people have and the actions they take because of those beliefs.

So, in this first month of the New Year, let’s together pledge to do our bit to keep our shores clean and the environment free of trash. We surely want to walk the sands picking up fancy shells and not the caps of cola bottles.