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January 15, 2020
His Majesty Sultan Haitham sworn in
January 16, 2020


Citizens offer glowing tributes while upholding some unique qualities of Late His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, which made him endearing to everyonein Oman and admirable to people around the world. The common refrain was that he will continue to live in the hearts of every Omani and that his legacy will continue to take the sultanate to greater heights in coming years

Hamda al Shamsi

I was fortunate to be born in this era of Oman’s history, indeed, as I got the chance to travel the world from Australia in the South to the USA in the North. Every time I stand in the immigrations of airports around the world, I worry about the immigration processes, but the minute I take out my Omani passport, I receive a nod with a smile and fast service.

Back in the 80s, when I used to live in the USA, the Americans hardly knew where Oman is. Today, everyone knows more about Oman, not just its location. They know a peaceful country that was led by a peacemaker called Qaboos. Just like his name was unique, everything else about HM was unique – his looks, personality, wisdom, and strong faith in Oman and its people.

The last few days, messages of condolences have been coming from all over the world, as this man who died belonged to the whole world. And, I guess, he was known for what he represented. January 2020 is going to be a month to remember the rest of our lives, just as July 23 is.

The beautiful, simple funeral that he wanted and the smooth transmission of power sent a strong message once again to the world and to the Omani people. He wanted his people to see him off to his final home. He knew if he had a royal funeral his children would not get a chance to see him off because of the security measures. The sky was also kind to him as it waited till he rested in this grave before it started to rain. What a funeral!

Today, as we move forward, we know that he is with us in every step we take because he built a solid foundation and selected a successor whom he knew would be just as kind to this nation.

Oman once more set an example to the world with this dignifying and elegant transmission of power. Goodbye, Your Majesty, you will always be in our hearts.

Abdulrazzaq Ali Issa

Late HM, Sultan Qaboos bin Said loved his people and achieved what he promised them and much more. Regarding his foreign policy, he maintained a balanced approach, working for peace. These were the main reasons why he was so much respected by the international community. We pray to Almighty Allah to grant him eternal rest. And best wishes to HM Sultan Haitham bin Tariq bin Taimour al Said to continue the journey of success and prosperity for Oman and its people.

Tariq Hilal Al Barwani

Many qualities were unique about Late HM, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, especially one that he doesn’t interfere with other countries’ policies. So, other countries do not interfere with Oman’s internal matters. Under his leadership, Oman has been a peaceful country. In almost 50 years, he managed to transform a country with very few schools, hospitals and roads into one with many schools, colleges and universities. He vastly improved the living standards for citizens and created a number of roads, highways, etc while providing  a good working environment for Omanis and expats. Oman has been so tolerant towards different religions and our internal security is second to none.

Dr Ali al Shedani

A great leader with a forward looking vision. The people of Oman will never forget his tireless efforts to transform the country into a modern state.

Dr Laila Harub

His message of peace, love and non-interference for 50-years made him stand out among all the other leaders. We, in Oman, loved him unconditionally because his message to the world brought us prosperity and security – two very important tenets for stability and peace of mind. We loved him because he was not simply an inspirational leader but also a father figure to all. He did not differentiate between his subjects, he fairly distributed wealth and he exuded wisdom that will forever influence our actions. His spirit will last amongst us forever and so shall his legacy.

Prof Abdullah al Ghafri

Late HM, Sultan Qaboos bin Said had several qualities that made him so important for us and for the world. His father was from the north and his mother was from the south of Oman and that made him a simple community from the  north to the south of the sultanate. He was also well educated, well-read and received very high military training in the UK. So he had good qualities of civilians and of military personnel. HM had a sharp mind, a very strong memory and the most important facet of his personality was that he always sought peace; he did not like violence or conflict and tried to maintain peace in Oman as well as around the world. HM also had a deep sense of humanity and loved all humanity which was evident from his actions. He created many chairs for research in universities around the world. All this made him loveable all over the world.

For me, I felt as if my own father passed away.

Sultan al Abdali

The best thing I can say about Late HM, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, is that he has done countless good things for Oman and its citizens. However, what impresses me most is the fact that he always stayed away from conflict and never supported any war nor took sides with any warring countries.

Dr Layaan al Kharusi

There is no single characteristic, trait or quality that could ever make a nation and world love a person the way the nation of Oman and the world have loved their great father and leader Late HM, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, but rather he was the epitome of all the beloved qualities that Allah bestowed on His Prophets who are to us amongst the best in this world. He was authentic in his vision for Oman, he followed his own beliefs ensuring the best for his people and didn’t let the opinions of others sway him. The late Sultan led Oman with compassion, grace, moral integrity, trust and self confidence and he departed us with the values of fairness and humility.

We love him simply because he lived and died for his people, he gave everything he could so that his people and country could stand side by side with the rest of the world with honour, dignity and respect. He left Oman and the world a better place than he found it by building it up and inspiring other world leaders to follow his example of peace and harmony in a world riddled with strife.

My tribute to Late HM Sultan Qaboos is found in Theodore Roosevelt’s speech ‘The Man in the Arena -1910’ where the Late Sultan was the man in the arena who who strived valiantly to do the right deeds, who had great enthusiasm, devotion, and who spent his life for a worthy cause and who dared greatly to do the impossible.

Thank you for the light you brought into this world, you are to the Middle East what Maha-tma Gandhi is to India, Martin Luther King Jr is to America and Nelson Mandela is to Africa. You are that one great hero that his-tory will go back to and generations will look up to.

Your Majesty, you will forever be revered and remembered.

Nusaiba al Maskari

Late HM, Sultan Qaboos bin Said was a wise, most exceptional leader and a father to us.

He was the reason that Oman is a peaceful country. A leader like him is rare in today’s world – a true reformer, peacemaker  and a benevolent leader of his people. May Allah bless the soul of Late HM, Sultan Qaboos bin Said and grant him ‘Jannat al firdous’.

Our heart is in pain but filled with faith in Allah and His divine providence. And with complete satisfaction and absolute submission to the will of the Almighty, we accept the passing away of our beloved Sultan. May Allah give courage to all of us to bear this loss.

We also have full trust and faith in our new leader – His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq bin Taimour al Said.

Dr Amira al Raidan

These days we experience deep sadness. No single word can describe the sorrow and mourning that all Omanis, non-Omanis and residents on the land of Oman are going through to grieve the loss of our beloved leader Late HM, Sultan Qaboos bin Said. May his soul rest in peace.

It is a huge loss to the nation. His Majesty was an eminent ruler, a noble soul and a visionary leader. Through the 50 years of his rule, he championed Oman’s growth in all sectors and showed achievements that we witness now. Also, he played a crucial role in being the peace-keeper that privileged him to command the respect of his own people and from around the world. Sultan Qaboos taught us to love others and use wisdom in all our decisions. And that resulted in shaping the humble population of Oman.

We recall his words to us: “You are the future leaders of Oman’s growth” and we shall be so. And, he will always live in our hearts.

May Allah give strength to all of us and keep this beautiful country with peace and prosperity. Our whole life and for generations after generations, we are going to remain in gratitude and prayer for our great father Sultan Qaboos.

Abdullah Nasser al Saidi

Sultan Qaboos won the hearts of the Omanis with his justice and devotion to his homeland while we young people experienced special care from him that made us nationally competent. Similarly, his calm,, friendly and peaceful nature made Omanis and foreigners love him. This motivates us to work towards the next stage for Oman – the place that Sultan Qaboos wanted to reach. We feel that we have lost our father but his wish will remain to show us the path. Today, the Sultanate of Oman is a ‘trust’ that HM has handed over to us.

Ale al Zadjali

Honestly, the most striking impact that, I believe, stuck with us during Late HM, Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s reign is the development in the country. Surely, I wasn’t around in the 1970’s, 80’s nor was I aware during the 90’s, but getting to learn about it and seeing the visual proof and, more importantly living it, truly resonated with me. All of this isn’t a small feat, having done it alongside his powerful rule and wise leadership. I have immense respect for him and, I know,  he will be missed a lot.

Hatim Al Abdissalam

Late HM, Sultan Qaboos bin Said was a beacon of light, he was not like any other leader. His loss is not only a loss to the people of Oman but a loss for the entire world. His Majesty had many qualities that distinguished him from other leaders, but the most unique quality that stood out was his infinite wisdom that could transform Oman from a barren land into a modern, developed nation.

Oman will never be the same without His Majesty Sultan Qaboos as every single inch reminds us of him. However, we have trust that our current leader, His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq will help the Omani people carry on the legacy that Late Sultan Qaboos started.

May Almighty Allah bless HM’s soul and may Allah grant him the highest ranks in paradise.

Anwar al Balushi

His wisdom, foresight, peacemaking nature and policies of non-interference made him stand apart as the world’s most splendid, UN peace icon. He is the architect of modern and developed Oman, a true statesman who has transformed Oman into a vibrant and prosperous nation during his 50 years rule.

We are deeply shocked and saddened by the said demise of the Late HM, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, our beloved ‘Father of the nation’. May Allah rest HM’s soul in peace.

Madny al Bakri

He gave us hope and paved a solid future which definitely makes us proud to be Omanis. He was undeniably a man of peace and we hear these praises in many countries that we visit. He will always be my hero.

Shatha al Jabri

He upheld spreading the spirit of equality among people and giving everyone the right to education, health and civic rights. He presen-ted to the country and the citizen everything that would achieve a stable and safe life and strengthened the nation’s relationship with other countries which gave the citizen his status and demonstrated respect among all countries and peoples. He was the leader of the country and the father of all citizens.

Mukhtar al Rawahi

We are all very sad and will miss our beloved leader, Late HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said but we pledge to follow his footsteps in the years ahead. He was the best Sultan who always took care of his people and that’s why we all love him so much. We pray to Almighty Allah to rest HM’s soul in peace.