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January 30, 2020
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Preserved for posterity

Ahmed Harub al Mahrouqi, a veteran adventurer and HSE professional at Sultan Qaboos University, who had the good fortune of interacting with late HM, Sultan Qaboos bin Said in his youth, has collected many old photographs of the late Sultan and preserved them as is personal collection over the past few decades. “I truly loved, respected and admired everything that HM Sultan Qaboos did for Oman and that’s why I have been collecting photographs and clippings of newspaper articles over the years.

These are my exclusive treasures and they have now become invaluable as every photo has a story behind it and brings to life old memories of HM,” Mahrouqi told TheWeek while sharing the photographs. Asserting that a lot of people would also have many such photographs, Mahrouqi was of the opinion that these could be pooled in to make a unique collection as an album or a book.

He is willing to share his photos with whoever takes up a project in this regard, he said. The photographs depict a young Sultan Qaboos interacting with people in the community which indicates his affable nature and closeness with the people.