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February 13, 2020
Indian artist creates Tanjore portrait of Late HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said using 24 carat gold
February 13, 2020

Express love with less litter

I love Valentine’s Day but I hate the tonnes of trash that gets generated the world over on Valentine’s Day. Gift wrappers, tassels, flowers, chocolate boxes, et al, all of these are churned out in gigantic quantities and dumped in trash bins once lovers exchange gifts along with sweet nothings. How about observing a ‘zero waste’ Valentine’s Day this year? Cut out the frills, quite literally.

Some years ago, I remember seeing a lady heaping up Valentine’s Day gift boxes on the trash bin outside her villa, just for the lady next door to see how ‘gifted’ she was. More than enjoying the generosity of her hubby (hubby?) who showered her with gifts, she wanted the world to know that she received them. To her dismay, the lady next door had taken off on a V-day escapade and returned only after the trash was cleared the next morning.

To have a green V-Day, avoid buying/presenting gifts in lavish pink/red cardboard boxes or wrapping them with elaborate trimmings which ultimately will land next to banana skins in the bin. Avoid printing movie tickets after online purchase and carry along the QR code or a PDF file on your smartphone.

Take a romantic stroll, have an ice-cream in a crispy cone, not a plastic cup, offer roses without cellophane covers, buy a card that’s smaller than a street hoarding, share a chocolate that doesn’t drip, consider gifts like potted plants, wrap your gift with more love, less paper, and write something original which Archies or Hallmark cannot churn out. In short, express love with less litter!