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February 23, 2020
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March 4, 2020

Who will bell the cat, will you?

In Muscat, I have often seen the most unbecoming behaviour from those on higher rungs in society with regard to caring for the environment. Some happily park high-end cars on footpaths, often trampling a section of saplings and flowerbeds, some flick cigarette butts, cola cans and what not out of moving vehicles, oblivious of others driving in adjacent lanes, and some open their doors and chuck out trash while they halt for a few seconds at traffic lights.

This has to stop and, may be, some of us can drive the message home to these unscrupulous elements by confronting them when they do it. Though most would cringe at the sight of such acts, the question remains: who will bell the cat?

Last week, a cleanliness conscious resident Linda Sanctis shared a similar tale. She said, “Just while I was on a drive-through waiting to collect Mac for my kids, my kids couldn’t help but admire the Porsche in the parking lot with discussion among the siblings revolving around how extravagant and supreme it looked. Just then, the owner arrived and, while my kids excitingly waited for their favourite car to start, to our horror, the owner started discarding trash from his car on the pavement. My children couldn’t digest the fact that the car owner dirtied the surroundings without any guilt and moved on. The excitement on their faces faded and all they remember now is the trash on the floor.”

No one likes being accosted in public, neither would they stomach even a polite correction or a stray comment. The solution lies in exercising discretion which, for many, seems to exist only in the dictionary.