Watch your weight
March 5, 2020
Ghubra beach clean-up by BAHAR and Apex Media staff, and supported by Costa Coffee
March 5, 2020

Hopping around with Hopibi: Where there’s a Will, there’s a Mark

Last week was quite a hectic time for me. Apart from my own wanderings in Muscat, keeping an eye of litterbugs and ushering them to dustbins in town, I also got invited to a couple of interesting events.

Firstly, I attended the Sustainability Fair 2020 on the lawns behind the Grand Hyatt Muscat facing the beach wherein school students had demonstra-ted  their skills via environment-friendly projects. I must say, the kids did display some real brains and, more importantly, a genuine love and concern for the environment.

I did see the children enthusiastically explain their creations to inerested adults who took a tip or two from them. But, there were also a few present who seemed to care less for the environment even at this event. These guys kept sipping water, coffee, and leaving their disposable cups all over the place though bins had been provided near the dispensers.

Later, on Friday morning, I attended a beach clean-up at Ghubra beach, organised by BAHAR and Apex Media jointly and, I must say, I throughly enjoyed myself among the huge turnout which turned in around 20 sacks of garbage within an hour’s time. Guys, there’s a lot more garbage lying on every beach in Muscat and despite efforts by conscious individuals and organisations there’s still a lot that can be done.

It all, however, begins with a fervent desire to do something to preserve the environment. You do need a will, if you need to make a mark. This time round, the clean-up brigade did have a Will (William Hunt, CEO of BAHAR) and a Mark (Mark Rix, CEO of Apex Media) join in the task. And it did make a difference!