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March 12, 2020
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March 12, 2020

Hopping around with Hopibi: Ready for a rollercoaster ride

Guys, I am preparing to catch a flight out of town and I have repacked my travel bags at least ten times over, not because I am finicky about what to wear or how much stuff to pack, but because I need to be cautious about every  item I carry and make provision for any emergencies that might befall me.

Firstly, I decided to keep adequate stocks of sanitisers in my hand-baggage, then realised I couldn’t carry more than 100ml; so, sanitisers went into my check-in baggage. Then I decided to keep enough masks in my handbag, in case I need them at the airport or on the flight. Soon enough, I decided to keep just a pair of handy masks with me and let the rest go into my check-in bag, lest I be mobbed for my masks in the event of an emergency when everyone runs for cover.

I am also carrying pouches of chips, biscuits, and water, in case I get held up at the immigrations and have to wait in long queues and jostle with noisy crowds and my growling tummy, as well. I am also carrying a scarf, in case I lose or run out of masks and a book on meditation in case I run out of patience.

I also have kept a handy pair of clothes and a napkin in my cabin baggage, in case I get quarantined for some reason, a health certificate to say that I am fit and wet tissues to wipe clean my passport and resident card after they have been handled by men and machines which have scanned and endorsed the good, the bad, and the ugly during the course of each day’s examinations at the arrivals and departures.

Guys, I’m ready for a rollercoaster ride, not exactly a flight which, till date, was a cake walk. Not any more!