March 26, 2020
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March 29, 2020

Lessons learnt from children

Hatim Harith Al Abdissalaam, Life coach

None of us can disagree that the year 2020 hasn’t been an easy year since the beginning. The departure of our beloved Sultan Qaboos (May Allah Rest His Soul in Peace), the coronavirus pandemic, the drop of the oil prices, the suspension of all education institutions and finally the catastrophic financial crises that is yet to hit us all.

Despite all said above and despite what the mainstream media alerts on a daily basis on how bad it’s going to be and the world might face a worse nightmare ever. And let us not forget the ongoing rumours on social media which is bombarding us with lots of false information every second. We turn towards our mobiles, yet we see hope in life and maybe the younger generation has a different point of view.

I decided to interview my daughter at home who is 15 and ask her about her experience with the current situation and here is what she had to say:

Thank you dad for giving me the opportunity to express my views on the current situation, well the way we young people see this pandemic is to be a blessing as it gave us the following:

  • Quality time to bond with our parents and siblings.
  • Family meals together on a daily basis are so exciting.
  • We are able to be very creative in utilising our time so that we don’t get bored, we even managed to play thinking games which didn’t exist.
  • We learned about food hygiene and how to be careful towards the virus.
  • We got to know the news about other countries and how they managed to overcome their difficulties.
  • We get to have constructive discussions with our parents about our future.
  • We got to play together as a family and have humorous moments.
  • I can’t express the amount of hugs and kisses that we get from our parents during these difficult moments.
  • Home schooling and distance learning is a wonderful thing that we finally got to experiment.
  • The idea of seeing Dad and Mum the first thing when I wake up and the last thing before I sleep is priceless.

This was the end of it, it pleased me to hear her prospective and it helped me become a better parent through finding out what is important in life. As a conclusion I came to release a few things during these difficult times:

  • There is nothing more important in life than faith, family and health; everything else can wait
  • I became so grateful for some many things that I took for granted like health, time, freedom, family, praying in the house of God.
  • When I look at other nations I thank God that we are far better in dealing with it and containing it and Inshaa Allah we can survive this pandemic and go back to our normal lives.