Quiet Muscat
March 30, 2020
Avoid contact
April 1, 2020

I’m achieving more from home

Tariq al Barwani, founder, Knowledge Oman

Having time to read books, review business proposals, and build my next big thing(s) have always been a continuous challenge due to work, community and extra-curricular activities and affairs I’m involved in; yet, with the COVID 19 scenario, this has become a possible reality ‘Alhamdulilah’;

I’m now able to read some of the unfinished interesting books I have always found a challenge to complete due to time constraints, I’m now able to carefully review all the emails and project proposals I have received over the past weeks due to professional commitments and the overload I was swamped with, and I am also able to systematically and strategically plan and work on the big things and projects I have always been aiming to launch and release as part of my commitment to serving the society, the government, the business and the academia through the various bodies and institution I am part of and represent as well.

I am connected at work, virtually and remotely, and as a result, business goes on as usual yet in an effective manner while I’m at home. My children, both Hilal and Daniya, continue to attend school, yet virtually, using Microsoft and Google technologies. I am also able to communicate and work with the Knowledge Oman team via group chats and emails where our work for the community are in tact, from up-coming seminar sessions to a series of talks for the college and universities, to our charitable initiatives for the special families, children and women, too. All this is possible, thanks to the information and communication technology, that is making our world not just digital yet enabled, too!

I am saving more money because I avoid commuting with my car, so as eating outside home and indulging into non-essential activities. I am enjoying food at home, so as spending time with family like never before. I get time to work out, so as reflect on many of the things I used to do and wish to do for becoming a better human being. I am refining everything I used to do by sharpening my thoughts, my skills so as my purpose in life.

This Corona pandemic has surely given us a chance to reflect, build oneself, improve and, indeed, work on becoming a greater person!

So far, I’m loving the experience that may actually be the future of how we live and work, world-wide.