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April 15, 2020
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A stitch in time

Do you love to embroider? Here is a fun way to satisfy your urge to create pretty things with needle and floss. We have picked easy patterns – in easy basic stitches – for you to try during the week. For learners, we have a visual guide to these stitches throw in, too. Happy embroidering.

Day 1: Running stitch

Running stitch, the first every embroiderer should master, is simple, fun and elegant. The key to a neat pattern is keeping the size of the stitches equal. Pick any pattern, and see what this simple stitch can do it. Lines or waves, flowers or twines, anything and everything will look great.

Day 2:  Back stitch

If you are a  learner, you will soon understand that the back stitch is not much different than the running stitch, but lends continuity to lines.  So why not try this small and tidy project which uses both, running and back stitches?

Day 3: Stem stitch

Take things up a notch with a classy pattern in stem stitch. The stem stitch is also called the outlining stitch and is marked by a slight slant. Although it’s often used for the stems of flowers, there are no rules about its application – quirky or classy.

Day 4: Chain stitch

Loop after loop of magic is created when a chain stitch pattern is chosen. Go as you like, but the end result will always be lovely. Spiral patterns especially come alive with chain stitch. Just saying.

Day 5: Satin stitch

Bring out leftover floss bits and work up this bright pattern. Follow no rules. Tip, use a fine needle for delicate patterns. 

Day 6:  Blanket stitch

How about a chunky pattern in blanket stitch? Or a delicate one? Why not combine them both? The blanket stitch is so versatile that it can be rugged and dainty, depending on what pattern you chose. 

Day 7: Lazy daisy

Easy to make, lovely to look at. Mix the pattern with running or back stitch and you will have a teeny weeny masterpiece in thread. 

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