WHO urges speeding up process for COVID-19 vaccine
April 8, 2020
Time to evolve, time to look within
April 8, 2020

Distance has brought us close

Balqees al Hassani

Vice President, Knowledge Oman

Many Organisations and businesses all over the world have embraced the remote working from home as a precautionary measure to control the spread of COVID-19 and for the interest of its employees safety.

COVID-19 has changed my personal sense of ‘Who am I?’ in relation to my own life and to other people, too. It has directed my attention inwards in the present moment, and allowed me making discoveries about what sensations, feelings and thoughts we are having on daily basis.

COVID-19 helped me to join many free online course offered from esteemed universityand collages world wide, when this was nearly impossible during normal working days. 

I started to spend more quality time with family. My son, who is 4 years old, wakes up in the morning to finish the remote learning tasks along side with me working on my own tasks. I started to learn more about my son’s hidden talents that needs to be enriched from my side.

Reading books is becoming more fun and interesting. Nothing beats self development by reading. I started to pick books of my own interest, topics  like Leadership, People Management, Mindfulness and so.

I am also able to communicate virtually with all team members at Knowledge Oman as we plan our upcoming activities and engagements for the society. We, as a team, are using this pandemic time in building up and strengthening the base of our different team areas.

I work from home with a normal pace and peaceful mind. Distance has made us close in one way or another. My advice to all, to use this time in doing things you couldn’t do because of time constraints. Unleash your hidden potentials. Learn new language, attend mindfulness online classes.

Stay home, stay productive. Stay home, stay safe!