Distance has brought us close
April 8, 2020
Strengthen family bonds
April 8, 2020

Time to evolve, time to look within

Dr Hafsa Banu Abid

Dentist, artist

We all are in a situation which isn’t in our control. The covid 19 pandemic has extended its deadly presence all over the world and we are trying to survive amidst the chaos, as the planet is trying to revive itself all over again.

I am a professional dentist at White Smile Dental Speciality, Qurm and in this situation, I am extremely thankful to His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik for setting up the Supreme Committee to fight this pandemic and the people of Oman who have taken stringent action and are trying their best to contain this in Oman.

As a dentist, being part of health care, we have been advised to take every possible measure to stop this virus from spreading more by taking proper history through questionnaires, to recording temperature, sanitising and infection control measures for the patient coming to the clinic, We have been directed in taking only emergency cases and reducing appointments and exposure to other family members and people, including health workers.

We are with the authorities who believe in ‘stay home stay safe’, practising social distancing and taking proper hygiene measures is what is the need of the hour now.

My daily routine involves work at the clinic and home.My work involves only very minimal procedures to alleviate any pain associated to dental patients. When I leave the house, I follow proper hygiene practices as directed by officials and when I come back I follow the same. It also applies to my family members. It is of utmost importance that we protect our loved ones who are at home and minimise our work outside, allowing the need to go out only for essential things.

At home, too, we all practice healthy habits of hygiene and disinfection, take vitamins and other immune boosting foods as well as follow social distancing. 

Since school and outdoor activities have closed, I try to involve my children in activities inside our home, making a chart called ‘Boredom Busters’ wherein I list activities we could do together from crafts to fireless cooking with kids, self improvement via fun activities and minimal activities inside our car shed. It is a difficult time and children tend to get bored and frustrated but this is the best time to spend quality time with them.

On my personal level, I get to spend more time with my artwork and create more innovative pieces. I advise others, too, to revive their hobbies which they had left long back or forgotten or didn’t find time to. Now is the time to  evolve and reveal your hidden talents, from gardening to cooking, to story telling or music.

We can contribute to stop the pandemic from spreading in society by just breaking the chain. This is the time we all need to pray together for this difficult time to pass by, for the betterment of humanity for a better world.