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April 13, 2020
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April 14, 2020

I sing for my fans across the world

Singer Deepti Rawal, who has spent several years entertaining the less fortunate labourers in Muscat by performing singing concerts in their camps, is now entertaining her fans all over the world through live performances vbia social media.

She asserts, “Curently, we are all facing an unprecedented crisis of being locked down. Different people might react to this in different ways – some look upon it as a sheer disaster and some take it as a challenge.

“As for me, since I’ve always been a positive-minded person, I spend my time in various activities that help me to be busy as well as fruitful in everythingI do. It can be normal household work or spending time to myself, doing yoga and meditation during the day,,but I get immense fulfillment from everything I do.”

She further says that being a singer, she has ben busy throughout the year going outdoors, meeting people and performing concerts to entertain different people in Oman, especially the less fortunate labourers who stay in camps in different remote areas. However, in the present circumstances, all her outdoor activity has come to a halt. Nevertheless, she has been making the most of this ‘stay home’ period by continuing her hobby from home.

“I have a good fan following on Facebook and most of them are music lovers. They send in song requests from different parts of the world  – India, USA, Canada, the different Gulf countries, etc. I try to include all their requests and sing on live on Facebook everyday,” she says.

As singing live needs good preparation, Deepti spends a lot of time doing rehearsals before going live on Facebook. Besides this, she has also been in close contact with her family members spread across Muscat, UAE and India.

“In the bargain, I don’t find any spare time at my disposal. And, I’m really happy about this. I’m home, but I’m busy all day!” she adds.