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April 14, 2020
Omani actor Saud al Darmaki passes away 
April 14, 2020

My first long break in 30 years

For Dr Deepak Sharma, a senior homeopath in Muscat, the need to stay at home indefinitely came as a welcome break, one he has never taken during the past 30 years of his career in Oman.

“It was very difficult, at first, to accept the decision to close my clinic for an indefinite period of time. Over the last 30 years of my professional life, I have never taken unplanned holidays and here comes a time when, for the safety of our patients and ourselves, we had to do it.

“The first few days were spent in catching up with that long collected sleep and I had the pleasure of spending more than the usual 5 hours in dreamland every night. A routine then developed of spending quality time with my son, who is visiting from the UK (thankfully, he came at the right time in February end) and my mother, with whom we live in Muscat.”

Most of the daytime is spent in taking calls of patients, online discussions and webinars on the current hot topic. Evenings are like never before, watching a movie together, going for walks, even playing simple games like ‘snakes and ladders’, all this without the slightest of stress to sleep on time to be ready for the next day’s work, he explains.

“This break from routine gave me a chance to explore the deep, dark depths of my computer’s file system, which was lying unorganised for ages. I also read a few books and reorganised my bucket list as now is the time when we are made aware of the immense importance of this precious life.

“All our lives, we have been busy, both physically and mentally, with the feeling that there is no time for ourselves. This forced break has shown us how important and therapeutic it is to spend quality time with our loved ones and with oneself.

“Hopefully this threat will pass off soon and the world will be a better place to live with mother earth healed and unpolluted once again.”