MoH uses convalescent plasma for COVID-19 patients
April 15, 2020
Safe not sorry
April 15, 2020

Time at hand

People in the capital have taken the lockdown period as a challenge to bring out their best, despite being grounded. From reaching out to the needy and motivating the masses to finding fruitful expression to their talents, they are making the most of the time at hand.

Locked down, but flying high

It’s been a big challenge being holed up at home since the last 3 weeks. Mulling over what to do to keep fit at home, we started with Suryanamaskar and have been doing 108 of them almost every morning. It keeps us energized the whole day. We also do srengthening exercises, Pranayam and taking up the 1000 repetition challenges given by a friend. Together, we also did a half marathon comprising 276 loops of 80m each within our home.

Radha and Anand Candadi

Residents of Rex Road, Ruwi

I’m used to ‘working from home’

In the current situation, being a housewife and social worker, I was already used to working from my home. I’ve translated and voiced the COVID-19 notices and announcements in Urdu language on the request of a local newspaper. I also made a step-by-step video tutorial on how to craft various wedding decoration for a relative, since I cannot travel. I also design my own clothes, reciting the Quran daily, and have been praying for everyone’s health and safety.

Azra Aleem

Member, Pakistan Social Club


No luxury of boredom for me

This is an unusual time for all of us to channelise our uncertainty into real actions to help the community at large. To not have the luxury of being bored is something I’ve realised and I’m grateful for. Hats off to my team members and an active Facebook page – Every face wears a Mask – for motivating people to learn to make their own face masks. I hope, everyone is using his/her talent to help those hit hard by the lockdown.

Kamal Ganatra

Resident of Rex Road, Ruwi