Muscat lockdown extended till May 8
April 20, 2020
April 22, 2020

Laugh Track with Hubert Vaz

The grim picture around the world need not take an unpleasant toll on one’s wellbeing. True, we’re all at home, grounded, locked down! But, that doesn’t mean we have to pull long faces, frown at everything around that may not be conducive to our own freedom of movement, and sulk until we are ‘liberated’.

Let’s laugh together. Let’s look at the positive side of things. Let’s look for humour in everyday life and let it curl up on our lips, bringing forth a contagious smile. Let’s spread smiles, not the virus, by sharing some light-hearted moments of each day that take off some of the pressure and brighten up our day in some way.

I remember sending an urgent request to an important colleague, earlier this week, and wondering why he hadn’t replied, despite a couple of reminders.

A day later, the reply came and, to my utter amusement, I discovered that I had sent that message to the wrong person with a similar first name.

The unintended recipient did concede to my request – to send me a personal photo – and I had to spin some yarn to cover up my slip after receiving it. That unwanted photo with a one-metre long smile kept haunting me all day until I shared the joke with another colleague and we both had a hearty laugh. The intended recipient is still in the dark…at least, I hope so.

Do you have some funny incident to share? Send it to me and get on the laugh track!

Parting shot

Why do they call it novel coronavirus?

Because it is a long story.

How soon would you catch a coronavirus joke?

It will be two weeks before you get it.

What’s unique about 2020?

It went viral faster than one would imagine.