Omani doctors stay on in UK
April 22, 2020
A challenge a day keeps boredom away
April 22, 2020

Spending time with my bundle of joy

Besides visiting emergency patients at hospitals, Dr Rajee has been spending time at home cooking, gardening, caring for her mother and enjoying the company of her pets. Here’s how she decribes her lockdown moments at home.

Recently I came across a forward in WhatsApp that went on to talk about about how humans are the only one in a ‘lockdown’ in this coronavirus situation. All other parts of nature, including animals and the way the earth moves, continue as they were. So this shows us that it’s natures way of saying that we are just guests here and that the show will go on whether we are there or not.

This made me really start thinking about how this situation has actually been a sort of gong to the head for us to realise what is important in life for us. Family, loved ones, home, our own health our happiness should be much more a priority than the rat race for money and power.

Personally, this quarantine for me has been quite difficult with both my children being away in the US and UK, which at the moment are some of the worst affected countries. However, I realised that it’s not just me, so many people all over the world are also separated from their loved ones. 

At such moments it reiterates the importance of another principle that I always follow in my day to day. Every person whom I can see or meet or come into contact with, I imagine them to be my children or my family and do the best I can for them, so that I am sure God will make sure that my children will be taken care of by someone wherever they are.

In the same way, it is imperative at this time to follow all societal rules to make sure that we are not just safe but also that we safeguard others and do not pose a reason for the disease to spread.

Whenever I do go out and return, I have a bucket of soap water kept near the door to remove my coat and put in. My footwear are left outside the house door. And a bottle of sanitizer is kept inside the house to wipe the door handles after I come in. I immediately take a shower and all the clothes are put in a soap and Dettol solution and washed. At the hospital, I have to follow stricter protocol.

I have been spending time at home experimenting with new recipes. Besides gardening, taking care of my pet birds, fishes and my beloved Shih Tzu – Beethoven who is a  bundle of joy.

One main boon during this time for me is my mother, who is 82 and is with me in Oman. I am able to give her all the care and love I can at this time. And WhatsApp and other video calling softwares are a true boon for me to be able to see my children and family on a day to day basis.

This is a difficult time but we are survivors, we will beat this situation. We will come out of it provided we remember the lessons we learn now to love and respect as well as value each other  more than material possessions. As our gurus said… This, too, shall pass!