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April 22, 2020
April 22, 2020

A challenge a day keeps boredom away

For Asma al Kiyumi, a life coach and self improvement trainer, who also has her hands full with responsibilities surrounding her five daughters, the lockdown period is a challenge to bring out her best. Here’s what she has to say:

Our current situation in dealing and facing COVID-19 has  caused many people to feel confused, anxious, due to the fast changes in our daily lifestyle. especially the worries about our health and that of our family members, finance, and what will happen to our jobs? How long wil the virus last and what does this mean to me? What will the new world look like?

As a stay-at-home mother of five girls, I am no stranger to staying home so there was no big change to my routine. I usually work in the morning and was forced to start using technology – my weakness,  and attend different classes and events in the evening. 

My routine really changed when schools were suspended. My daughters stayed home and with that came the challenge of online learning and keeping the kids busy. I had to face a personal challenge with technology, I had to attend meetings and courses online and by this I also figured out that it is much easier then I initially thought.

As a life coach, I started noticing the concerns and fears within people. This led me to ask myself how can I help during these difficult times? This was a question that was shared and what brought together a team  – a group of coaches to work together.

It started with Salwa al Salmi and Hanan al Harthi, two coaches who approached me with the idea of starting an initiative whereby we offer free coaching sessions for people in health isolation. We discussed about how we can support and assist in managing their emotions and encourage them in finding ways to make the best out of the circumstances.  

A week later, we noticed there was a large number of youths showing interest in this. They have been requesting discussion on varied topics such as setting and planning goals, time management, self-discovery, guidance to unleash their abilities to find ways of thinking and find answers to problems.  

With the help and support of the National Youth Commission (NYC), we were able to expand the initiative to include parents, medical sector employees and open it to people aged 17 years and above.

Our team comprises ten International Coaching Federation (ICF) members, all highly motivated and eager to give their support. For more information on the initiative and reserving a session we welcome you to visit our social media pages for links to be able to contact the coaches you require through their direct Instagram pages. We also have coaches dedicated to only women clients.