April 22, 2020
Beware of cyber crime during COVID-19
April 22, 2020

5 things to do this week

Don’t grumble about the lockdown and bore yourself stiff. Get down to simple tasks that you have been postponing or ignoring for long. Soon you will find the days are getting shorter. Try these five tasks this week:

Take up a fitness challenge

Don’t think exercise and fitness regimes are not your cup of tea. Everyone needs to stay fit at all ages and it all begins in the mind. Yoga, stretching exercises, aerobics, zumba, what’s your take? There are online lessons to guide you. Just pick one and go for it. You would soon realise that you do have it in you.

Take a tour

If you haven’t visited some popular museums around the world, there’s little chance you might want to in the new future. But there’s nothng like an online tour from the comfort of your home.  Google’s arts and culture collection has virtual  tours of 500 top attractions around the world, including internationally popular galleries and musuems. Take a tour today!

Have a Karaoke night

If you remember your Karaoke evenings during family picnics, what’s stopping you from recreating the magic now? Some apps, like AirConsole, allow you to convert your smartphone into a microphone and sing your favourite hits. Try this at home. You can practice and get set to impress others once this lockdown is lifted.

Write letters

Most of us have forgotten how to write letters, something we learnt and practised in school long ago. Nowadays, emails are written with a different tone and vocabulory. Try writing a letter, perhaps to an older relative who would appreciate it, and post it once the lockdown is over. You would discover a new found joy.

Declutter your home

Spend some constructive time decluttering your home. Start with one room at a time, look around and segreggate things that have been lying around for long without any purpose. Some can be relocated, some discarded and some even gifted to someone who might find need for them. Be ruthless in your discretion, that’s how you’d see a change.