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April 25, 2020
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April 25, 2020

Locked down leisure

The lockdown period has given people in Oman a lot of opportunities to unleash their hidden talents as well as do all routine jobs with more flourish. Here’s how artists in Muscat are turning the lockdown into leisure.

Enjoying the slow silence

I’m enjoying the slow silence. Writing, thinking, rewriting, rethinking… surrounding myself with a lot of good art at home, that’s my daily routine now. I’m also connecting with all friends and groups of friends online, all over the world. I’m also taking time to watch myhair grow wild.

Matti Sirvio, artist from Finland 

Composed 3 new songs 

During the lockdown, I’m working from home remotely, besides giving more time to my family. I’ve also bought a treadmill and am working out at home while also learning a lot of game activity from my children. I have also composed three new songs and hope to compile a new album soon.

Nadeem al Balushi,  Omani singer

Discovering hidden talents

This lockdown has given me an opportunity to work on skills that I always feared I was not good at. I’ve tried my hands at DIY art and craft, made a race track for my kid, learnt to make  phulkas (Indian bread) and have downloaded a language learning app. My day comprises cooking new dishes, taking online Zumba classes and reading. I still have one more goal – recording a song.

Kethki Ambekar, Indian artist