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April 25, 2020
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April 25, 2020

Sea Monster Days 

By Aidan McBirnie (8) – Al Batinah International School, Sohar

Rashid woke up one morning very excited, because he was going to go out fishing for the first time with his dad. He had been watching his dad go out fishing every day and finally he was old enough to go now. 

He went downstairs and opened the door and saw the wide beach and the nice blue water that brought in lovely white fluffy froth. Rashid loved living in Sohar! He looked happily at the nice, soft, shiny bright yellow sand. His dad and the neighbours had made a boat out of palm trees. His dad had the best type of palm tree for making boats and he was very proud of their boat. 

Rashid said goodbye to his mum and they headed out to sea. The journey took a long time because they wanted to go to the deep part where they thought they’d find most fish. On the journey Rashid’s dad told him traditional stories of when he first got to go fishing with his dad, Rashid’s grandfather. 

His dad started to sing old fishing songs and Rashid soon joined in. After fishing for two hours Rashid and his dad had only caught thirteen fish. Then Rashid saw two bright green eyes in the ocean. He didn’t know what it was so he sailed closer to it. He threw his fishing rod at it and it got caught in it’s mouth. ‘It is a sea monster after all!’ said Rashid as he tried to back away from it. 

The monster kept pulling and it felt like they were being pulled to India. The sea monster did not stop, so then Rashid threw his life ring around it’s neck and pulled it closer. The sea monster got very cross so it started to dive down to the deep! The boat was too light, so it didn’t go under the surface of the water. As he continued wrestling it looked like the monster was trying to tell him something and was pointing somewhere. He let the sea monster go and followed it to where it was pointing. 

The sea monster disappeared under the water and out of sight. Rashid and his dad stayed there and caught 313 fish – 300 more fish than they had caught before. Rashid and his dad were so happy that they danced all the way home. 

When they arrived, they went to the fish market straight away. They sold three quarters of the fish at the market and kept the rest for their family and neighbours. They all ate it with pleasure. Every time they went fishing again, they would look out for the two bright green eyes!