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April 25, 2020
WHO commends Oman’s commitment to Universal Health Coverage
April 25, 2020

Laugh Track with Hubert Vaz

Guys, we’ve heard this phrase – We’re all in this together – several times during the current lockdown. And, in fact, the term ‘lockdown’ itself is a new addition to our vocabulory. Strangely, lockdown is a word that most languages around the world seemed to have now adopted without groping for a local translation. May be, because we’re all in this together!

Yeah, we’re all in ‘this’ together! But, it depends if you wish to qualify this ‘this’ as a mess that one cannot possibly escape or as an opportunity that one should make the most of. It surely would be a ‘mess’, if one feels trapped at home and is unable to take a few liberties which otherwise go unnoticed. And it would be an ‘opportunity’ if one tries to learn new skills which one is otherwise not expected to possess.

A friend of mine disclosed a secret of his, along with a rider not to speak about it to anyone. But I’m going to give him away and hide behind the lame excuse that I’ve not named him. He said, he always got away from a certain domestic task assigned by his better half by saying he’d do it whenever he gets the time. Now, he has no escape, except through the task. But, over the past few weeks he has become so good at dodging, that he wonders why he  never played football.

I wondered what the task was and when he told me I understood his predicament. He was supposed to clean up the store room and hunt for a missing earring. Cleaning up was not the problem, finding the earring was, as his wife was dead sure that it must be lying in the midst of the mess in the store room.

My friend is a business strategist and he found a way out. He secretly pinched the other odd earring from his wife’s ornament closet and chucked it into the store room before getting down to cleaning up. He justified this act thinking that, if his wife did notice the odd earring also missing from the closet, she would have to give an explanation for that. As for now, he had a winning task on hand!

With his wife supervising the mission clean-up, my friend earnestly got down to putting the store room in order. After an hour-long ordeal and two pounds of dust in his lungs, my friend and his wife together discovered, with gaping eyes, both the earings amidst the mess!

Suddenly, an asteroid collided with the earth and the world blanked out for him. Ever since, my friend has been quarantined in the store room. And he has one simple advice: Play straight, we’re all in this together!

Parting shot

Lockdown lesson:

I’m kinda starting to understand why pets try to run out of the house when the front door is open.

Incredible fact:

In eight weeks time, 88 per cent of blondes will disappear from the face of the earth.