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April 29, 2020
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April 29, 2020

The Adventure of Meshmesh and Kishkish

By Salma Yousuf al Farsi (10) –  Al Injaz School

Once upon a time there were two donkeys who lived in Wakan village on a big mountain. Their names where Meshmesh and Kishkish. They were best friends and did everything together.

One day they decided to go on an adventure to explore a new place. They saw a trail, so they followed it to a very big cave. Kishkish suggested: “Meshmesh let’s go in the cave!” But Meshmesh did not think that this was a good idea. But Kishkish forced him; “You should go in first!”, but Meshmesh refused to go in first. Kishkish said to Meshmesh we should go into the cave together; they both agreed to the idea and went into the cave together. 

The first thing they saw was a giant tree filled with lots of different kinds of fruits: bananas, apples, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, peaches and oranges and so much more. The two of them where extremely hungry and happily munched away on the fruit. They were so full and there were no more fruits on the tree. But suddenly the fruits grew back on the tree, so they thought it must be a magical tree. So the two of them went back to the village. 

When they reached the village, they told all their friends and families about this magical tree and they took them to the tree to see this magic with their own eyes. Aydan, one of the other donkeys, asked Kishkish: “How did you find the magical tree?” Kishkish told him the story of the magical tree and how they had found it in the big cave.

Aydan was a good friend of Meshmesh and Kishkish and became a part of their adventure. The very next day and for the rest of the week the three friends ventured deeper and deeper into the cave and found many more magical trees. And every day they ate lots of fruits and brought big amounts back to Wakan village to share with their families and friends. 

As they were always extremely tired on their way back home, having to climb 700 steps, they kept dropping some of the fruits on the ground. Until today the way to their home on top of the mountain is lined with beautiful fruit trees, which are nowhere else found in the whole region. 

Until today Wakan village is a magical place in the Hajjar mountain of beautiful Oman and everyone should go and see this amazing place. Make sure to climb all the way to the top of the village, all 700 steps, and meet Meshmesh and Kishkish. But reaching the village is not as easy as some expect, it is a long drive from Muscat and also needs a four-wheel-drive vehicle to reach the village. Small cars are not allowed  because you have to drive on a rough road to the top of a mountain. 

Meshmesh and Kishkish at Wakan village, photo taken by Salma Al Farsi